About This Site

Creating conversations to find real solutions to the problems in our world.

“Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.” – Anne Frank

I agree with Anne Frank. I also believe that most people want the same things: a safe place to raise their children, healthcare for their friends and family, a good education for their children, food, shelter, safety, education, healthcare, a little bit of luxury here and there.

Is it possible that we simply see different ways to reach the same goal?

I think that most people gather together with like-minded people so they can confirm their own thoughts. What happens when we talk to people – really have conversations with people – who don’t believe the way we do?

Most times, I discover good, loving, intelligent people who have embraced a point of view with which I do not agree.

That’s all.

No monsters.  Not even under the bed.

We agree on lots and lots of other things. We both love fantasy novels, we enjoy writing, we love knitting, we like dogs, we embrace good conversation. We agree on 75-90% of the important things. Then, we start to disagree.

We are both horrified by the amount of gun violence. I believe that stronger gun laws and control will make us safer. She believes that training teachers to carry guns will help.

We both believe that the homeless need our help. I think we should simply house everyone. He believes that only those homeless who can help themselves deserve our help.

We both see that children need a good education. I decide that a good foundation in arts education supports knowledge and creativity in all parts of the learning experience. She decides arts are a waste of time and only by sheer focus and determination can the children learn what they need to learn to get ahead.

We become us and them. We divide ourselves. We begin to divide our conversations. We only talk about the things we agree on. We only discuss those things where we can stay calm. We start to leave each other out of our dinner parties and knitting dates.

We drive a wedge between us and disappear from each other’s lives.

How do we come together again? How do we find the love which connected us? How do we move forward into this new understanding of each other?

Many people look to politicians to create or support our solutions, but on the news and in their writings and speeches, they don’t answer questions.  They only declare their point of view and then continue in their grasping for power.

We can’t depend on them to connect us.  We have to do it ourselves.

This site has been formed to promote respectful conversation, find empathy with those who disagree with us, and help us connect again in order to find real solutions to the very real and sticky problems in our society.

We are searching together for solutions. We are researching the facts. We are looking realistically at the situation. We are compromising so the solution works for everyone.

Join me in the gray area where we can make real, useful change happen.

It’s up to us. We are on our own.

Let’s do this thing.